DeBenedetti & Company is always looking for talented individuals with accounting degrees to join our growing team.  We offer competitive wages, flexible hours and many other benefits outlined below to all full-time employees (those who average at least 30 hours per week).  Employees are not eligible for benefits until they have completed a 90 day probationary period with the firm.

Compensation Package

Competitive Wage

We structure our compensation based on experience and are competitive with other local and regional firms.  We also pay random bonuses and structured commissions for various work performed.

Retirement Plan

We offer a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan to all employees after completion of one year of service with the firm.  Our firm matches 100% on the first 3% of the employee deferral and 50% on the next 2% of the employee deferral.  The plan has a Roth option for employee deferral and we also make elective annual contributions to the profit sharing portion of the plan.

Flexible Schedule

We offer a flex schedule that fits the number of hours you want to work.  We prefer employees to work 40 hours per week and we focus on keeping 40 hours per week as the maximum, but we are open to fewer hours in certain situations.  Although working hours are tracked, we do not keep regular office hours for employees; instead we focus on deadlines being met.  The advantage of this is that it allows employees to choose when they will get their work done as long as they meet the deadlines and not be restricted to a normal 8 to 5 schedule.

Professional and Casual Dress

Employees are expected to dress professionally when meeting with clients or attending networking events.  Business casual is allowed when working in the office and not meeting with anyone outside the firm.  Casual dress is allowed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Work From Home

Employees who have been with the firm for a while are eventually allowed to login to the firm’s network from remote locations, including their home.  Since we have a paperless filing system, everything is at your fingertips as if you were in the office working.

Diverse Client Projects

Because we service individuals and small businesses, staff members get to work on several different kinds of projects on any given day.  The diverse workload allows for a broader knowledge of our profession and a smooth workday.

Partner Path

Any employee who has the desire to become a partner can follow the clearly designed path to partnership that the firm has implemented.  Benefits of becoming a partner include a “you-kill-it-you-grill-it” approach to profit sharing with shared overhead and a succession plan for retiring partners.

Employee Referral Bonus

Those who refer other quality staff members to join our team are paid a referral bonus for their efforts.  This encourages the recruiting process throughout the firm.

Paid Time Off

New associates start with 20 paid days off per year, which accrues at 0.0769 hours per hour worked.  After three years, 5 additional days are added.  The benefit of hourly accrual is that everyone gets their fair share of vacation time based on how many hours they work.  A 40 hour work week translates into 20 paid days off, but more hours worked increases vacation time and fewer hours worked decreases it.

Health and Dental Insurance

The firm pays 100% of the premiums for employees for the Health Savings Account (HSA) option offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We also have a PPO option available and the employee pays the incremental cost of this coverage if they choose this option.  Their families can be covered as well at the cost of the employee.

Disability Insurance

The firm offers short- and long-term disability for employees at their cost offered through Met Life.

Firm Fun Days

On several occasions per year the firm will host an event in which employees and their guest are invited to a day or night on the town that is filled with food and fun.  Events in the past have included the following:

  • Wine tasting at the Sonoita Wineries
  • Breakers Waterpark
  • Sidewinders games
  • U of A Icecats games
  • Gaslight Theatre
  • Laffs Comedy Club
  • Golf ‘n Stuff
  • Batting cages
  • Bowling
  • Spring training baseball games
  • Salt River tubing
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Mt. Lemmon
  • Casino del Sol
  • Desert Diamond Casino
  • Rocky Point, Mexico
  • Knott’s Berry Farm, San Diego
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cell Phones

All employees are provided with a smart phone that includes unlimited minutes, email, internet and text messages each month.  The phone connects to our server for access to communications at all times.